Anthony is an experienced and innovative product development engineer out of ASU with three years of dedicated service in the dynamic field of medical device innovation. He is passionate about creating cutting-edge solutions that improve healthcare outcomes by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to drive product success. 

Fun Fact: Anthony spent his years at ASU working with the football program to help design the weekly uniforms. He took every critique to heart and is now exceptionably bitter about the Sparky v. Fork debate.

Linda Szabo
Admin & HR

Our team takes pride in their ability to provide a streamlined process for all of our clients. We seek excellence in all we do and strive to bring each customer's vision to life. 

Delaney Buehler

Project Specialist

With a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education, Linda has had a wide range of experience in both Education and Business Administration. Her recent move to Phoenix created an opportunity for her to become more deeply involved in the MedTech Industry at RMM. Linda is excited to use her creativity to continue to support the diverse projects and amazing people at RMM.

Fun Facts: Linda has the ability to completely ignore any conversation related to bicycles or bicycle racing.

Anthony Silva

Product Development Manager

Konrad Hinze

Assembly Technician

David Szabo


Jacob Pfutzenreuter
Operations Manager

Delaney moved to Scottsdale, AZ after graduating from USC in 2021, and quickly became involved in the medical device space. Her bubbly, enthusiastic personality continuously shines as she ensures document control and ERP management. As a project specialist, she is always determined to get the job done and help in any way possible. 

Fun Fact: Delaney probably spends more time indoors than outdoors doing activities like hot yoga, watching movies, and solving the NYT Crossword.

Steven (Stevie) has made the most out of the move to Arizona by developing his business and finance aptitude interning at RMM. His attention to detail and financial literacy bolster the accounting operations of the business. Stevie is currently in his first year at the University of Arizona, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Bear down!

Fun Facts: Stevie is an avid bike rider and competes in races across the country.

Konrad is a simple man with simple goals. Earning a BS in Exercise Science, his driving ambition was, and continues to be, the desire to create a positive impact on people's lives. Now, as the lead technician at RMM, he is known for his precision, efficiency, and adaptability in the manufacturing of all of our products.

Fun Fact: Konrad competes in casual, competitive Tetris tournaments. 

Jacob is a Mechanical Engineer from ASU with extensive experience in custom fabrication. He is proficient in CAD design, lean manufacturing principles, and process optimization. He values collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive product excellence and bring life-changing technologies to patients worldwide.

Fun Fact: Jacob probably spends more time outdoors than indoors doing activities like  camping, fly fishing, mountain biking and hiking.

Andrea is a junior at ASU studying biomedical engineering. She’s passionate about neurological devices and hopes to develop life changing devices in the future. Andrea hopes to learn more about the med-tech industry and manufacturing through her internship at RMM.

Fun Fact: In her spare time Andrea enjoys adrenaline filled activities like bungee jumping, snowboarding, roller coasters, and last minute traveling.

David is a Medtech professional and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience and earned degrees in biomedical and mechanical engineering. He has held product development and leadership roles at companies of all sizes from startups to Ethicon, Inc (Johnson & Johnson). A cofounder of Remedy Simulation Group in 2012, David started Remedy Medical Manufacturing in 2019. He has business expertise in developing companies from concept to profitable enterprise and technical experience in designing, building, testing, and managing development of both PMA and 510k medical devices. He has several pending and issued patents to his name.

Fun Fact: David rides and races bicycles, plus has the ability to sit through meetings of extraordinary duration.

Steven Szabo

​Finance Intern

Andrea Hernandez
Quality Intern

Our Team

Kaprao (Kap) is a committed Quality Engineer in the medical device industry with three years of experience overseeing quality assurance and regulatory compliance. He has demonstrated expertise in quality management systems, process improvement, and audits to drive the delivery of top-quality medical devices. He is eager to explore opportunities for collaboration and continuous improvement in the MedTech field.


Fun Fact: Kap eats as if someone is about to steal his food.

Kaprao Fuegner

Quality Manager