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Founded by David Szabo in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, Remedy Medical Manufacturing was established to address the manufacturing needs of startups and small companies. We are deeply passionate about bringing effective solutions for our clients and the patients they serve. Our tight-knit company strives to ensure that every client has access to the best solutions for their unique needs. It is through our passion and commitment that we are able to provide exceptional services to guide small, innovative medical device companies to market success. RMM recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 2022 to join the vibrant bioscience community in the area, and to provide quality medical products and cost-effective solutions in the evolving market.

Our Story

At RMM, our vision is to guide companies and individuals through the, often challenging, process of full product realization in the medical device market. Using small lot manufacturing techniques and state of the art rapid prototyping equipment, we offer services that are difficult for startups and small companies to find. Our capabilities are bolstered by the bioscience community within Phoenix, Arizona. With a deep understanding of the industry, we possess a unique ability to guide and grow with our partners at all levels.

We are driven to provide comprehensive support throughout the product realization process. Led by an experienced medical device professional, our team possesses the necessary skills to handle all aspects of the process while maintaining compliance with ISO standards. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring that every project we undertake reaches its full potential.

RMM is equipped to navigate the challenges and complexities of the medical device market. We offer our expertise, resources, and guidance to help companies achieve their goals and bring innovative medical devices to market successfully. Trust us to turn your vision into reality.

Our Vision

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Since relocating, we have built a dynamic, driven team of engineers, taking advantage of the opportunity to hire bright, young graduates of ASU. Committed to meeting your medical device needs, our team is eager to assist you every step of the way. Whether you require small quantities for pilot testing, fulfillment assistance, or product development, we are here to be your trusted partner in growing your business and creating quality medical devices. 

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